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Shandong, China
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Customs inspection is a problem that we must faced. Especially when the purchase are frequent, the frequency of inspection will increase. We provide three solutions to this problem.

① For the samples, if the samples can’t reach you because the customs clearance, we will resend the samples again free of charge.

② In order to you can receive the parcel successfully, we will use puerarin powder, pearl powder, snacks, daily necessities and pigment, etc. to declare on the package.

Once meet the inspection of customs, we could provide clearance documents to you. You just provide these documents to your local express or customs, the parcel will be released within 7 workdays.

③ For the official order, our agent of express provide insurance service. The insurance rate is 15% of the amount. If the parcel can’t reach you because the custom inspection, as long as you buy the insurance in advance, we will resend it again free of charge, because the agency will pay for all the losses.
If you don’t want to buy insurance in advance, and if the parcel can’t reach you because the custom inspection, you just needs pay us 50% of total, we also resend it again.

Above information for your reference. If any further questions or ideas, please feel free to contact our salesman or customer service department.